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  • Joshua:

    This saddle harness not only looks very lovely and feminine, it performs exactly as intended and is comfortable to wear. We are using a very nice midsized high end dildo that we already owned. Cleaning is easy with a little laundry detergent and the bathroom sink. My girls both enjoyed their turns playing the roles of giver and taker. I enjoyed watching and of course directing. I suggest anyone looking to equip a vagina with a cock, purchase one of these harnesses. After many hours of looking, this is by far the best product I've seen for a harness. We are all very happy with the addition to our play box! Also the shipping was rather fast considering it came from the other side of the world and during the Christmas holidays. Thank you to the seller!!!
  • Emily:

    The packaging was absolutely darling, the craftsmanship is stunning, and the design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I can't believe all these stripes are matched so perfectly, and the topstitching..! Honestly I am blown away. It's absolutely beautifully made. Also I look adorable, and I really appreciate that-I was having serious trouble finding a harness that was cute, instead of tough or utilitarian. I'm just thrilled. It also arrived with shocking alacrity, which I know isn't really up to the seller but was nice nonetheless.

  • Desdemone:

    Excellent workmanship. Aleksandra does a wonderful job! Non only she makes beautiful, solid, and feminine bespoke strap-on harnesses, out she is also very much in tune with her customers. Ours needed a larger opening for our "Troy", a large Babes'n Horny dildo. Aleksandra made it for us and it fits perfectly. The innocent-looking material she uses enhances the kinkiness of the whole thing. Many, many thanks Aleksandra, your harness is a real pleasure enhancer. Well, I could go on for hours. Etsy allowing, I'll post a soft picture of Mistress wearing it later on. In the meantime, dear Etsy browsers, make sure you purchase your own Candy harness with Aleksandra. As concerns fabric strap-on harnesses on the World Wide Web, hers are by far the best value for money (I checked them all).
  • Dee:

    This is my first pegging panty harness:) I love that it has a very delicate and sweet look. It's also very good material/quality. It took some time to get here, but that is to be expected when shipping overseas. I am overall happy with my purchase, the seller was also very nice and was able to answer my questions. Thank you!
  • Ava:

    Absolutely gorgeous, and fits like a dream! I was worried the fastenings wouldn't hold, but it fits very snug once it's tightened up. The velcro reinforcements are super strong and comfortable-very secure as well.

  • Jingyi:

    Customer service was very responsive and patient with my queries, overseas shipping took less than a month, harness itself came absolutely stunning!! Functional wise it can be tightened and easily adjusted, stays on sturdily, compatible with flared base / thin suction cup dildos (preferably light in mass). Overall very happy with my purchase, highly recommend this store!!
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